The benefits of waterborne UV finishes include superior scratch resistance, low VOCs, finishes that are formaldehyde-hazard free, and reduction in environmental impact.


CALUCHOS is proud to offer products manufactured using Sherwin-Williams coatings as part of our goal to offer high performance products designed and manufactured taking steps to reduce environmental impact and meet or exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements.

You can be sure that the solutions you’re choosing satisfy the highest standards for performance, while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements. Which means you’ll never have to choose between the best coatings for the environment and the best coatings for delivering a quality look that lasts.


Our products that use Sherwin-Williams® coatings meet the following criteria:


  • 2.3 lbs./gal VOC or less
  • Water-reducible (liquid coatings)
  • Formaldehyde hazard free
  • Lead and chromate hazard free
  • HAPS free