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What is KCMA?
The Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association is the leading organization for companies who manufacture kitchen, bath or other residential cabinets. KCMA set the standard for quality and durability in cabinets and is leading the way for environmental stewardship.

Why Purchase Certified Cabinetry?
When you select KCMA-certified cabinets for your kitchen or bath, rest assured we’ve done your homework for you: Your cabinets pass the toughest tests of durability and performance in the marketplace today and have earned the prestigious KCMA certification seal.

Why is certified cabinetry a must for today’s performance-conscious homeowner?
We’ll give you five reasons.
KCMA’s rigorous, in-laboratory compliance program measures the integrity of your cabinetry through five tests. These tests evaluate cabinet structure, door and drawer operation, and the cabinetry finish, making certain each feature complies with the nationally recognized standards developed by KCMA. In today’s competitive homebuilding industry, our KCMA cabinetry standards are well respected and serve as a best-in-class benchmark for cabinet manufacturers.

First, we weight test your KCMA-certified cabinets. For seven days, in a laboratory environment, we load cabinet shelves and bottoms with 15 pounds of weight per square foot. Technicians monitor the cabinetry for signs of joint separation or other failures of the cabinets or their mounting systems. Other weight tests include gradually loading 500 pounds into mounted cabinets, simulating the stress on a heavily loaded cabinet, and dropping a three-pound steel ball onto cabinet bottoms from six inches above the surface, replicating dropped cans.

Next, we slide test your certified cabinets. Few families will open and close cabinets as frequently – or as vigorously – as we do during our certification testing. But that’s the point. After we slide cabinets for 25,000 cycles, while they hold 15 pounds per square foot, you know your KCMA-certified cabinetry will keep pace with your active lifestyle.

Third, we swing test the cabinetry. How do you avoid the shoddy look of loose or unaligned cabinet doors that often occurs over time? You buy certified cabinets. During two separate tests – focusing on the cabinet doors and hinges—we test their ability to withstand 65 pounds of weight and 25,000 swing cycles. KCMA-certified cabinetry continues to operate flawlessly with no signs of damage or looseness.